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  1. Effective business e-mail writing is the lifeline of any business venture.  As an employee, you can help to increase the profit margins of your organization by building a healthy rapport with your customers, partners and colleagues, and to build rewarding professional relationships; you have to communicate effectively.  In the present day, e-mail is considered to be one […]

  2. Why Do Italians Need Business English? Although Italian is Italy’s official language, many Italian business people use English today on a daily basis as part of their ongoing business interactions with different organizations from all over the world. Making good conversation has become an integral part of the Italian business-making ethics–Italian business people will conduct […]

  3. Top 5 Criteria for Busy Professionals In the busy rat race of the business world, there seems to be never enough time. And as the world rushes on from Web 3.0 to 4.0 we want to make sure our HR or marketing messages are more than targeted — we want them to be well received, […]

  4. Here is a transcript of a meeting I had with an HR manager at a startup company in Israel. Her intention was to eventually create an internal memo that will be based on the interview: Why is learning English, and especially learning business English, so important? The world is becoming smaller-we all experience it. You […]

  5. Hello, I wanted to share with you a list of tips for a successful job interview in English: 1. Don’t be afraid of the interviewer. It’s important to remember that these people are also pressured by their company to recruit the right person. The wrong person can cost a company a lot of money and […]

  6. Hello, I wanted to share with you a few tips that are related to the job search process. The use of the internet to search for a job is increasing, and as a result, various virtual networks are being added to our lives. We’re members of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, and perhaps other social networks, […]

  7. Hello, I wanted to share with you a short list of shortcuts and abbreviations in American English that you might encounter when communicating with Americans. Some are well-known, others are less known. Some are formal, while others less. You’re welcome to add some of your own that are not mentioned below.  Rd. = Road St. […]

  8. Hello, I wanted to share with you a humorous list taken from the book, Anguished English (by Richard Lederrer). It’s a list of signs found around the world that contain funny errors in English. I hope you’ll find it as funny as I did, and if you need an explanation on why something is funny, let me […]

  9. Hello, I wanted to list a few tips on how to write a winning resume in English (also known as a CV. I will refer to it as a resume in this article): 1. Try to make the resume fit into one page, especially if you’re under 35. 2. Try to avoid “holes” in employment […]

  10. Hello, Sometimes customers come to me, complaining that they feel stuck in the planning stages of a presentation. In other words, they do not know where to begin. A tip that I recommend is to try thinking backwards. Try asking yourself, “What would I want the participants of my presentation to take with them at […]