Workshop / Lecture: Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Workshop / Lecture: Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

“[The facilitator] was able to ‘sense’ the group and keep them engaged. Add-Vantage supported us throughout the process, which made us feel like we have a genuine partner and not just a regular supplier.” – Noa, NESS manager

Workshops and lectures, whose purpose is to improve your organization’s interactions with clients, suppliers, and business partners from cultures that are different than your own.

Here is a list of questions that can help you determine if an Effective Cross-Cultural Communication workshop or lecture might help your organization improve its business interactions:

+ Does your organization wish to penetrate new markets in countries in which it hasn’t done business before?

+ Does your organization already work in different countries and wishes to improve business interactions with that culture?

+ Have you been hearing/receiving complaints that have to do with cultural misunderstandings?

+ Did some employees come to you with a request for such a workshop?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then a workshop in Effective Cross-Cultural Communication can definitely assist your organization by increasing its productivity and efficiency.

The way your employees interact with customers, suppliers, and business partners, affects your organization’s image and reputation.

Add-Vantage offers workshops and lectures for improving these interactions, thereby improving your organization’s image and reputation.

These workshops and lectures are delivered by senior cross-cultural communication experts, each with his or her own country-specific expertise:

+ Working effectively with Americans

+ French

+ Chinese

+ Japanese

+ Indians

+ Brazilians

+ British

+ Singapore

+ And others

These workshops and lectures prevent organizations from making mistakes that could cost them a lot of frustrations and a lot of money.

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The Process:

Phase I: Needs Analysis

The initial meeting with the customer (could be on the phone if necessary) is intended to examine the following:

+ The Needs of the customer (“The most important thing for me is to improve the phone interactions with our British customers and business partners.”)
+ Time table (“I need this workshop before our merger next quarter.”)
+ The chemistry with the consultant (“Will the employees connect with the consultant?”)

Phase II: Customization

After collecting all the relevant information from the customer, we “tailor” and customize the appropriate training program for your organization, and send a proposal.

Phase III: Delivery (No Pain No Gain)

We deliver the targeted workshops with the objective of leveraging and increasing the employees’ performance.

In cases where the workshops are based on unique organization-specific knowledge, we will study the materials in order to create a more relevant and effective training program.

Phase IV: Feedback and Control

We check on a regular basis whether the workshops are effective for the group. In case we conclude it’s not effective, we make changes “on-the-fly”. Feedback is important to us, and we base our training programs on it.

For more information, please call +972-52-8665501, or by e-mail: