Why do Italians need Business English?

Why Do Italians Need Business English?

Although Italian is Italy’s official language, many Italian business people use English today on a daily basis as part of their ongoing business interactions with different organizations from all over the world. Making good conversation has become an integral part of the Italian business-making ethics–Italian business people will conduct a nice small talk about food and wine, culture and other topics as well while carrying out a business meeting.

The necessity of well-spoken English in the business world is growing rapidly, not only in Italy but all around the world. The world of the 21st century has changed dramatically: people negotiate in English with other business associates across the globe, buying and offering goods over the internet, while transactions are made and executed in English. It is, therefore, realistic to say that linguistic boundaries amid states in our globalization era hardly exist.

English in Italy

Similar to many places in the world, the English language skills which the Italian education system offers are too basic and not attuned to the English-dominated competitive market of today. Many Italians feel that they are struggling with English, above all when it comes to grammar.

Thus, many adult Italians may feel that they don’t have enough control over the language. The demand for English teaching is high in Italy, so much so that it attracts many English teachers from around the world who come here to make a living.

English for the Business world

Many Italians study English in private lessons, but is that a useful program to study English in a sufficient level to meet the business world demands of the 21st century?

In today’s world, Business English has become an area of expertise. Business English involves much more than mundane vocabulary. The business world has its own jargon, conduct, and ethics that everyone in the business world should be familiar with. Private lessons might not be enough to meet the high requirements of today’s business world.

Business English training seminars and workshops

Today, employees should be able to master the English language. When so many organizations communicate with each other, fluent English is a great advantage in many circumstances, and now even more so in the Italian market as English skills have become part of the basic requirements.

Business English workshops and seminars provide training that will teach you how to communicate in fluent English with other business people, how to present yourself in front of an audience and much more. You’ll be exposed to the cultural gaps of ethics in the global business world. These might seems as nuances, but they define the difference between failure and success.

Get the maximum of Business English training

Most tutors in Business English seminars come with a background in education. They can teach you the language very well, but they don’t possess the experience of a trainer who comes from the business world and is familiar with its orientation and way of conduct.

Business English should be taught by native-speakers of English who are alsobusiness people. The best way to learn how to speak to an audience of managers and executives would be from someone who has experience in it.  Speaking fluent English by itself is great, but not enough.

You can use personalized training sessions to meet your specific needs and prepare yourself for the real world in today’s fast-growing international market.

If you’re an Italian who seeks success in the international market you ought to know how to speak with confidence, how to deliver a presentation in a convincing way which will make your listeners choose you over many other competitors. You can use the services of English-speaking business people to practice business presentations and present them professionally. Constructing an effective presentation is crucial for delivering a straightforward message, a message that will be carried over even after the presentation ends. It will be wise to use professional assistance to build a presentation that will suit your specific needs whether you want to sell a product, market an idea, or promote the image of your organization.

Ms. Odelya N. is a consultant at Add-Vantage, a company that offers support for people and businesses with their global interactions.