presentation Need to present your product to a new client, and need assistance with the presentation? Flying to a conference overseas and wish to upgrade your mingling skills? Need an escort to a meeting overseas? Wish to send an important e-mail to a client and want someone to check it before you send it?

Add-Vantage offers support and consultation for business people that are working with clients overseas, and wish to “upgrade” their performance and effectiveness.

Through one-on-one sessions with an expert consultant, you will examine your business environment, your business needs, and the obstacles you wish to overcome:

+ Upgrading sales effectiveness
+ Preparing and practicing for an effective presentation
+ Preparing for an inter-cultural encounter with clients from different backgrounds (specializing in U.S. market)
+ Improving and upgrading your business English
+ Writing / Improving / Correcting business documents or important e-mails
+ Escort for a meeting overseas, or with a foreign client

The Process:

Phase I: Needs Analysis

The initial meeting with the customer (could be on the phone, if necessary) is intended to examine the following:

+ The customer’s current level of performance (“where am I today versus where do I want to be.”)
+ The Needs of the customer (“The most important thing for me is to improve my spoken English in business situations.”)
+ The chemistry with the consultant (“Do I connect with the consultant?”)

Phase II: Customization

After collecting all the relevant information from the customer, we “sew” and customize the appropriate program for the customer, and send a proposal.

Phase III: Delivery (No Pain No Gain)

One-on-one consultation, at our place or yours, with one goal – to improve your effectiveness and performance. To make you an effective communicator.

Phase IV: Feedback and Control

We check on a regular basis whether the consultation is suitable and effective for the customer. In case we conclude it’s not effective, we make changes “on-the-fly”. Feedback is important to us, and we base our consulting programs on it.

The Structure:

The sessions are measured according to regular hours (60 minutes) or academic hours (45 minutes), depending on the project.

The number of sessions depends on the customer:

Do you need to practice for a business presentation for next week’s conference? (recommended: between 1 to 3 sessions), or do you want to acquire a significant business vocabulary and improve you spoken English and your confidence in using business English? (recommended: between 10 to 20 sessions).

New! Phone coaching in English. Have no time for face-to-face meetings? Save time (and money) by talking to us, in English, on the phone. This way, you’ll be practicing your business English in a medium that you also use to conduct your business – the phone.

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