Workshop: Effective International Sales

Workshop: Effective International Sales

“The workshop was hands-on and very practical. You can tell that the facilitator has a lot of relevant sales and marketing experience, which means we’re dealing with a professional. I definitely recommend.” – Elizach, EHS-Tech manager

Workshops and lectures, whose purpose is to improve the performance of your organization’s sales team, as well as increase their skills of handling objections.

These are practical hands-on workshops, delivered by senior consultants who possess extensive international sales and marketing experience from a variety of industries.

Here is a list of questions that can assist you in determining whether an Effective Sales workshop can assist your organization:

+ Are your sales numbers lagging?

+ Does your organization wish to improve its sales numbers by improving the sales skills of the employees?

+ Does your organization wish to increase revenue and maximize cross-sale and up-sale opportunities?

+ Does your organization wish to successful penetrate new markets or increase its offerings to existing markets?

+ Did some employees come to you with a request for such a workshop?

+ Do you feel that your team lacks the ability to effectively and successfully handle objections during sales meetings and negotiations?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then a workshop in Effective Sales can definitely assist your organization by increasing its productivity and efficiency.

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The way your employees interact with customers, suppliers, and business partners affects your organization’s image and reputation. Add-Vantage offers workshops and lectures for improving these interactions, thereby improving your organization’s image and reputation.

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The Process:

Phase I: Needs Analysis

The initial meeting with the customer (could be on the phone if necessary) is intended to examine the following:

+ The Needs of the customer (“The most important thing for me is to improve the face-to-face encounters of my sales team in South America.”)

+ Time table (“I need this workshop before our new marketing campaign in August.”)

+ The chemistry with the consultant (“Will the team connect with the consultant?”)

Phase II: Customization

After collecting all the relevant information from the customer, we “tailor” and customize the appropriate training program for your organization, and send a proposal.

Phase III: Delivery (No Pain No Gain)

We deliver the targeted workshops with the objective of leveraging and increasing the employees’ performance.

In cases where the workshops are based on unique organization-specific knowledge, we will study the materials in order to create a more relevant and effective training program.

Phase IV: Feedback and Control

We check on a regular basis whether the workshops are effective for the group. In case we conclude it’s not effective, we make changes “on-the-fly”. Feedback is important to us, and we base our training programs on it.

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