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In the global age, the world is becoming smaller and smaller.
You fly to a conference in Singapore that was produced by an American company. The product you try to sell to a British customer at the conference was developed with the help of Indian contractors and Italian vendors.

Globalization is everywhere, and the need to become part of it is growing from day to day.

Add-Vantage is positioned as a one-stop-shop for supporting business interactions with international partners overseas (clients, vendors, partners, venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, and more), and offers a wide range of services to consult people and businesses that come in contact with global partners:

Our objective is to bridge the communication gap between your business and your international business partners – to level the playing field with everything related to the encounter with globalization.

Workshops / Lectures / Courses
Effective Presentations
Narration / Voiceovers

Upgrading CV / Resume Translations