Workshop: Effective Business E-mails and Business Writing

Workshop: Effective Business E-mails and Business Writing

“The workshop was interesting, relevant, and very practical. We got a lot of great tools to effectively improve our emails, and can already see improvements in the performance of the employees and their interactions with clients.” – Lihy, NESS manager (for NICE workshop)

A workshop, whose purpose is to create a strong base for writing effective business emails and letters.

Here are a few questions that can assist you in determining whether there might be a need for such a workshop in your organization:

+ Does your organization have occasional conflicts or escalations that resulted from a problematic email or emails?

+ Do you have the feeling that increasing the employees’ level of English will decrease the number of conflicts or complaints?

+ Did some employees come to you with a request for such a workshop?

+ Do you feel that the current level of business writing of the employees is affecting negatively your business relationships with clients, suppliers, or business partners? (Research shows a direct link between business interactions through emails and customer satisfaction)

+ Do you believe that the level of English of some of your employees is affecting their confidence, and, therefore, their job performance?

+ Do you receive complaints from certain employees that other employees keep coming to them for help with their English and business writing?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then a workshop in Effective Business Emails and Letters can definitely assist your organization by increasing its productivity and efficiency.

The way your employees interact with customers, suppliers, and business partners, affects your organization’s image and reputation.

Add-Vantage offers workshops for improving these interactions, thereby improving your organization’s image and reputation.

These workshops are delivered by senior consultants with extensive international experience, working with different audiences in a variety of industries.

Here is an optional list of subjects for the workshop (the subjects are customized to the needs of the customer):

+ Correct email structure (subject, opening, body, closing)

+ Important business abbreviations and acronyms

+ Email simulations with participants for specific cases (using actual emails)

+ Incorrect use of slang

+ Intercultural differences when writing business emails and letters

+ Formal, informal, and diplomacy in emails (CC, capital letters, escalations, and more)

+ Prepositions of time and place (in, on, at, etc.)

+ Common mistakes when writing business emails and letters

+ Prefixes, contrasts, words that sound the same but have different meaning

+ And more

For more details, please call +972-52-8665501, or write us at, or click on the link below to leave your contact details:

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The Process:

Phase I: Needs Analysis

The initial meeting with the customer (could be on the phone if necessary) is intended to examine the following:

+ The Needs of the customer (“The most important thing for me is to improve the politeness and formal writing in the emails.”)

+ Time table (“I need this workshop right away.”)

+ The chemistry with the consultant (“Will the employees connect with the consultant?”)

Phase II: Customization

After collecting all the relevant information from the customer, we “tailor” and customize the appropriate training program for your organization, and send a proposal.

Phase III: Delivery (No Pain No Gain)

We deliver the targeted workshops with the objective of leveraging and increasing the employees’ performance.

In cases where the workshops are based on unique organization-specific knowledge, we will study the materials in order to create a more relevant and effective training program.

Phase IV: Feedback and Control

We check on a regular basis whether the workshops are effective for the group. In case we conclude it’s not effective, we make changes “on-the-fly”. Feedback is important to us, and we base our training programs on it.

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