About Us

Add-Vantage was created to answer a need – the need for smooth communication with international business partners.

You communicate well – you succeed. You don’t communicate well – your competitors succeed. In today’s competitive global environment, one does no longer have the luxury of not knowing how to interact effectively with international clients.

Add-Vantage’s mission is to support and train individuals and groups about interacting effectively with clients and vendors overseas. Add-Vantage’s business is to make sure that you or your employees can leverage their skills and perform as effectively as they can, no matter where they work and with whom.

Effective business communication and business English are becoming more and more crucial for the smooth operations of any organization or even for an individual’s career path.
Improving the effectiveness of your business communication is an investment for the future–an investment in yourself and/or the prosperity and longevity of your company.

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e-mail: info@addvantage.co.il

The Founder

Mr. Miron Abramson was born in Israel, and moved with his family to California when he was 15.In 1996, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of California in San Diego (minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Theater).

In 2001, he received his MBA degree from Manchester University with specializations in Communication and Marketing.

Miron has experience in the Retail, Real Estate, Finance, and Technology sectors, where he worked in positions of consulting, sales, marketing, management, and training. His last role was International Accounts Manager for the international technology firm, Amdocs.

During his spare time, Miron enjoys writing, playing tennis, participating in an acting class, and spending time with his family.

The combination of academic excellence and his extensive business experience with international clients makes him an ideal consultant and facilitator for customers that are looking to improve their interactions with international clients.